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Natural Laxatives

InnerClean® Herbal Body Cleansing for Optimum Health

Natural laxatives can be found in the foods we eat including fruits, vegetables, and grains. Unfortunately, our body doesn't always get the amount necessary to maintain effective digestion and irregularity can occur. InnerClean®, a natural herbal laxative, provides your body with a simple source of natural laxative power to provide safe and effective herbal body cleansing.

Natural Laxatives Provide an Inner Clean

InnerClean has been carefully developed to work with your body and naturally reduce colon debris with gentle herbal body cleansing. Its natural laxative power provides highly effective body cleansing to rid the body of toxins and waste materials that can cause irritability, fatigue and painful digestive issues.

Natural Laxatives – Stay on Track

InnerClean natural laxatives, available in either a powder or tablet form, are made from fresh, natural herbs and fiber. Its herbal body cleansing properties are perfect for occasional constipation and cleansing. Choose the formula that's best for you and help keep your digestive tract on track while laying the groundwork for optimum health.

Get natural help for improving your overall health and wellness with natural laxatives from At Last Naturals. If you have any questions call us at 1-800-LAST-123 (1-800-527-8123) or e-mail us for information on any of our products for women, digestive health, skin care, and men's grooming products.