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Natural Menopause Relief

There is no miracle cure for Menopause and Perimenopause symptoms, but... At Last there is a company that provides natural Menopause relief products…At Last Naturals. Our Menopause relief products contain healing wild yam; a natural ingredient that works with your body to help counterbalance what hormonal changes have taken away. Unlike medical hormonal treatment, our products are natural and help eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms associated with both Menopause and Perimenopause, as well as PMS.

Wild Yam Provides Menopause and Perimenopause Relief

At Last Naturals products were created by women for women. We searched for natural products that could provide Menopause and Perimenopause relief. We found it in wild yam, a natural ingredient that helps relieve the symptoms associated with "the change" including hot flashes, sleep interruption, mood shifts and the like.

Our line of natural Menopause relief products includes:

Wild Yam Cream Wild Yam Extra Strength Gel
Wild Yam Vaginal Gel
Meno Herbs
Equigest Cream
Meno-Herbs 2

Natural Menopause Relief - At Last!

When Mother Nature turns on you fight back with the healing power of At Last Naturals. Our Menopause, Perimenopause and PMS relief products are among a number of nutritional and health products created specifically for women's changing needs.

We offer you a line of natural health and wellness products including those for beauty and grooming as well as supplements. Our entire line combines the principles of natural health and beauty with the benefits of modern science.

We are dedicated to helping women "stay younger, healthier… naturally"

Shop our women's health products for natural Menopause, Perimenopause & PMS relief.

Get natural help for improving your overall health and wellness At Last. If you have any questions call us at 1-800-LAST-123 (1-800-527-8123) or e-mail us for information on any of our products for women, digestive health, skin care, and men's grooming products.



To the Makers of At Last Naturals Wild Yam Cream:
Last spring at 54 years old, nearing menopause, I began researching natural hormone products. A family friend gave me a brochure and told me to call your 800 women's support number...I began using the cream after my next period. A MIRACLE! Since that day, I have not experienced one day of that horrible P.M.S. The unbearable anxiety, irritability and bloating are gone. No more night sweats! I am a new and happier person. Not only do I thank you, so do my family and friends.
-- Kathy - Tacoma, Wa.

To whom it may concern:
I just had to write to you, to say how very grateful I am for producing your miracle tablet Meno-Herbs; I am 48 years young!! For the past month I have been experiencing the most awful hot flushes some lasting anything up to 5 minutes and getting from 7-12 a day. I was not sleeping, which left me even more irritable, and my clothes were soaked in perspiration, I could not see how I was going to carry on the rest of my days living with this. It was difficult enough dealing with the changes of maturity without this. Then I popped into a chemist Bodywise Health Foods in Harrow High Street looking for a book to read on menopause and the assistant talked to me about my symptoms which included flushes, palpitations of the heart, insomnia, irritability and very dry skin. Recommended your tablets. After taking the first two tablets the flushes were less frequent. The following day I noticed I had 2 or 3 little ones. Today, being my third day so far, none. You have given me a new lease of life, thank you so very very much.
-- Jane