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"I bought this cream as a moisturizer that would not break me out and potentially reduce inflammation. However, I was a little scared to try this on my face right away and used it on body acne. I was actually surprised at how well it worked. Normally I'd go for something with salicylic acid when I had a flare up of breakouts on my back or shoulders, but almost all of those products made them more red and angry than before. This cream calmed that inflammation down. I wouldn't call this a long-term acne treatment, but it can certainly calm down a sudden break out."

"I've used MSM cream for 1 yr. I saw this one and took a chance and I can feel a difference. This MSM cream is thicker and feels moisturizing and I've only used it once and I can feel the diff compared to the other 2 brands I've used. I cant wait to see the results in a month will be sticking with this brand from now on.
Shipping was fast with no issues..."

"I am surprised that I am here writing a good review for a facial product, since it is rare that I like something this much. I really feel like this has helped my skin look more youthful than lots of other products I have tried. Which is weird since I do peels and all kinds of other things. It also doesn't seem to break me out which is rare, because I have CRAZY sensitive skin. What I like to do is put on some organic rice water first all over my neck and face gently, then apply this stuff before bedtime, and my wrinkles and skin looks great in the morning. I feel like my wrinkles are fading. lol Thanks!"

"I first began using this cream while out of town. I had been suffering from terrible hot flashes, especially at night... sweating, waking up drenched. Immediately upon using this cream twice daily, rotating placement per the directions, my hot flashes stopped. This is doing what my HRT has failed to do for years. I will definitely be purchasing more."

"I really like this product. It's very nourishing and soothing. I have sensitive acne prone skin and so many creams don't help my skin or would make my skin worst. The only cream I was able to use was total effects from Olay.. I decided to buy this cream because of some acne marks that I want filled in. I was scared it would make me break out but it hasn't at all! In fact some pimples leave the next day when you wake up because of this cream. It's not a cure but it is a great cream. Makes makeup go smoothly on as well. It's matte as well. I also love the price. I think you should give this cream a try if you have acne prone and sensitive skin and some acne scars.. For acne scars you may need to needle or just add vitamnib c to them to get a full fill in because this cream won't fully fill them in but it definitely will help. Also no need to worry about the Vitamin E making you break out because this cream seems to have a very small amount of it."

"I use the product for hormonal balance. I find that this cream works fabulously to calm me. I apply it under my arms, around my stomach, and on my shoulders while switching application sites from day to day. I rest better at night and my hot flashes are way better controlled. The smell of the product is non-fragrant which absolutely vibe well with my sinuses."