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To At Last Naturals-

I love your soap and have given bars to several of my friends and family members. It is the only soap that I can use in the winter because my hands get very chapped.  With this soap for my body and hands I do not have to apply lotion.  I am so thankful for this product.  Please never stop making it.  I remember when it was unavailable for a few months and I really missed using it.  Very satisfied customer. Cheryl  S.-   3/15/24

To the Makers of At Last Naturals Wild Yam Cream:
Last spring at 54 years old, nearing menopause, I began researching natural hormone products. A family friend gave me a brochure and told me to call your 800 women's support number…I began using the cream after my next period. A MIRACLE! Since that day, I have not experienced one day of that horrible P.M.S. The unbearable anxiety, irritability and bloating are gone. No more night sweats! I am a new and happier person. Not only do I thank you, so do my family and friends.
-- Kathy - Tacoma, Wa.


To whom it may concern:
I just had to write to you, to say how very grateful I am for producing your miracle tablet Meno-Herbs; I am 48 years young!! For the past month I have been experiencing the most awful hot flashes some lasting anything up to 5 minutes and getting from 7-12 a day. I was not sleeping, which left me even more irritable, and my clothes were soaked in perspiration. I could not see how I was going to carry on the rest of my days living with this. It was difficult enough dealing with the changes of maturity without this. Then I popped into a chemist, Bodywise Health Foods in Harrow High Street, looking for a book to read on menopause and the assistant talked to me about my symptoms, which included flashes, palpitations of the heart, insomnia, irritability and very dry skin. Recommended your tablets. After taking the first two tablets the flashes were less frequent. The following day I noticed I had 2 or 3 little ones. Today, being my third day so far, none. You have given me a new lease of life, thank you so very very much.
-- Jane


Dear At Last:
At 31 years old, I've learned more about menopause than I ever thought I'd have to know. Not because I'm going through it, but because our customers are! I've listened to all the stories… what they've tried…what worked and what they came back for. And they always come back for At Last Naturals products. You know, it's really nice on our end of the industry having a company we can recommend with confidence. Thanks for all you've done.
-- Brenda - HealthStyle Market, Gilette Wyoming


Dear  Stacey,
A letter to tell you how wonderful InnerClean Herbal Laxative has been for me.  All my life I have had elimination problems.  This is the best I have used and how grateful I am to you for making this product possible.   I am 69, so it isn’t a new problem.  Thank you for all your wonderful work. 
Sincerely, Paula


Dear Madam,
Your product Wild Yam with Herbs was recommended to me by chance when I was in a homeopathic pharmacy, purchasing product.  I have been using your product for the last few months, am finding it very effective in helping me with various menopausal symptoms. 
Yours faithfully, Bev


Dear At Last:
At Last Naturals is my subject for this letter.  Words on paper can’t possibly tell you what this cream had done for me.  I am 51 years old and my “change” started about 6 months ago.  Nothing major.  But it got major! My doctors appointment was weeks away.  Needless to say I became desperate.  I tried the cream and after hearing about if from a friend at church.  Within 4 days my “flashes” had decreased to at least 1/3 and were only about 1/3 as bad.  After using the first tube (2 1/2 weeks) my hot flashes are almost completely gone- to having maybe one every 3 or 4 days and they are very light.  I’m now starting on my second tube and am so very happy to have found your product.  I am telling friends and family how wonderful this is.  I truly feel this “Wild Yam Cream” is made just for me.  Well, maybe you too! 
-- Chris


Dear Stacey,
Just when we thought there was not hope at all our lives have changed for the better... thanks for your miracle product.  At Last Naturals Wild Yam Cream.  My wife did not go through the “change of life”, she went to the other side.  To say that each day was a living nightmare would be putting it mildly.  We tried everything we could think of and nothing worked - until we came across At Last Naturals Wild Yam Extra Strength Gel.  Ever since I have been living with an angel... our own heaven on earth.  Thanks for your product and thanks for bringing more balance into our lives.  Our entire family has been born again. 
Sincerely, Marty


At Last Naturals,

To put it simply, this SOAP is AMAZING !!! It has changed the texture and feel of my skin and my boyfriend always comments how soft my skin is. I use this every single day on my entire body and I don't ever want to be without it. PLEASE never discontinue this wonderful soap !