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Get to Know the 5 Love Languages: Self-Love Edition

Get to Know the 5 Love Languages: Self-Love Edition

Inspired by the #1 New York Times bestseller, The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, the concept of love languages has taken the world by storm. Millions of people have come to understand the basic truth: relationships tend to flourish when we actually understand each other — and communicate with each other in the ways that suit us best.

This isn’t only true for romantic relationships, it’s true for all relationships — from your relationships with your friends, coworkers, siblings, children, and more — all the way to your relationship with yourself.

As we’ve discussed earlier in our blog, dealing with menopause during the winter is hard. What makes Valentine’s Day any different? If you’re thinking, “My emotions about myself and everyone around me change at the drop of a hat,” you’re not alone. 

Firstly, change is good. Recognizing how your emotions change can give you a deeper sense of self-understanding. Secondly, it’s okay if you couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day. Just use it as an excuse to better understand yourself and your current needs — not that you need an excuse! Because no matter what, one thing is true: you will always have a relationship with yourself, and we want it to be the best it can be.

We encourage you to show yourself some love this week. To help with that, we’re exploring the 5 love languages from the perspective of self-love. We challenge you to not only decide which love language speaks best to you but to practice all of them on yourself this week.

Don’t worry, we’ll give you some ideas.

Words of Affirmation

What’s your favorite way of expressing self-love in the form of words? Basking in words (whether you’re creating or consuming them) can uncover the inspiration you’ve been looking for lately. Maybe this looks like:

Journaling is another amazing way to practice self-love in the form of words. For example, try:

  • Writing yourself a love letter
  • Gratitude journaling
  • Write down your goals+plans for the rest of the year

Reaching out to others can also be a form of self-care. If something’s been bothering you lately, maybe your self-love in the form of “words of affirmation” includes:

  • Texting an old friend that you’ve regrettably lost touch with
  • Forgiving someone
  • Writing a note to someone you’ve been feeling extra grateful for lately
  • Having a deep conversation with a loved one

There’s a lot of room for creativity with this one!

Acts of Service

Think about all the acts of service you do for others on a daily basis. Now, which of these would you absolutely love for someone else to do? Cook you dinner? Clean your house? Consider ordering takeout or hiring a cleaning service to do an early “spring cleaning” for your home.

Other ideas for simple acts of service for yourself include:

  • Booking a therapy session (virtual, too!)
  • Asking someone else to do your errands
  • Gardening
  • Rearranging your living room or workspace
  • Getting rid of clutter and objects that don’t serve you anymore
  • Doing something for a charity that’s close to your heart

Think about either an act of service that you actually love to do — or one you would love to have someone else do for you

Receiving Gifts

You have permission to treat yourself! Not that you need permission. There are so many different ways to give yourself gifts. This could involve:

  • Replenishing any self-care products you’re low on
  • Buying natural menopause relief products to help ease your hot flashes
  • Trying MSM skincare products to moisturize and brighten your skin
  • Invest in a personal project or dream
  • Spend at least 1 hour working on a new skill (outside of work)
  • Buy a new outfit — or even just window shop online
  • Order flowers for yourself

Take a look at our menopause gift guide for other great gift ideas for yourself!

Quality Time

How can you use your existing time to better serve you? Does that mean more alone time because you never get any? Or have you been spending too much time alone and want more quality time with your partner, friend, child, or someone else (in person or virtually)?

Here are some specific ideas, whether you want to escape from the rest of the world or you crave more human interaction:

  • Completing a workout.
  • Host a happy hour (Zoom is always an option here).
  • Dance! It’s always fun to dance alone, but this is another great Zoom idea.
  • Watch a new movie or binge-watch a new series (no judgment here).
  • Take an intentional break from work, email, and social media. Delete apps off your phone for a while if you have to.
  • Go to bed early or sleep in later than usual.
  • Wear comfy clothes all day (although you’re probably already doing this one).
  • Meditate.
  • Get lost in a new DIY project.

Whatever the choice is, just make sure it intentionally promotes self-love and self-care.

Physical Touch

This self-love language is all about giving your body what it needs. Your body is a world of wisdom, and it’ll tell you so much if you simply take a moment to listen. Slowly close your eyes, deeply inhale and exhale, and consciously consider how your body feels at this very moment.

How can you give your body exactly what it needs in the form of physical touch? Here are a few ideas:

  • Get a massage. If you can’t, consider massaging your own face, head, and shoulders.
  • Put on a face mask or complete the skincare routine you’ve been skipping.
  • Give yourself a facial with a luxurious MSM cream.
  • Use a wild yam cream to calm your hormones.
  • Use vaginal replenishment gel to restore your body’s natural lubrication.
  • Take a cool shower — especially if you’re in the middle of a hot flash episode.
  • Take a warm bath to relieve muscle tension.
  • Sunbathe (even through a window... if the sun comes out).
  • Complete a full-body stretching routine.
  • Curl up with a heating pad or cold compress.
  • Cuddle with your pets.

Your body serves you every single day. Now’s the time to pay it back for everything it does, and only you will know the best way to do that.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As you navigate the crazy journey that is menopause, never forget that a bit of self-love and grace go a long way — and not just on Valentine’s Day.

And to help you practice self-love in all of the 5 languages, we’re offering 10% off all ALN products the entire week leading up to Valentine’s Day. Have fun with it!


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