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Funny and Practical Menopause Gift Guide That's Sure to Delight

Funny and Practical Menopause Gift Guide That's Sure to Delight

Let’s face it — the perimenopause and menopause phases of life can be really tough. The journey brings on drastic hormone changes which can cause a lot of new feelings — physically and emotionally.

Sound familiar?

While every woman’s menopause experience is different, we want to help make it as enjoyable as possible — with our products and the information we share.

So we put together this funny and practical menopause gift guide for the holiday season and beyond. Because there’s never a bad time to give a menopausal woman a thoughtful self-care surprise.

Whether you’re a woman going through menopause yourself, or you’re a husband, daughter, son, sister, or friend of a woman going through menopause, this gift guide is sure to give you some awesome ideas.

We hope you’ll be excited to know that most of the menopause gifts mentioned in this guide come from small, female-owned businesses. Because now more than ever, we realize how important it is to show up and support our fellow small business owners.

Happy Shopping!

Menopause Relief Gifts

At Last Naturals Holiday Gift Guide 2020

If you or your loved one could benefit from everyday naturally-derived products, we’re here for you.

Of course, we’re putting our own products at the top of the list for menopause relief gifts. But don’t worry, we’re not scared to recommend other amazing companies too! 

At Last Naturals

Our Wild Yam Cream and Gel and Vaginal Replenishment Gel work to relieve the most stubborn menopause discomforts. These products help to replenish the body’s moisture, balance hormones, and cool you off! Check out our Relief Sets for combined defense against imbalanced hormones and dryness.

P.S. These products are also helpful for women going through PMS!

Pause Well-Aging

Pause Well-Aging’s Founder Rochelle Weitzner says, “As women, we’ve been bombarded with beauty messages our whole lives, but [...] it’s like we turn 45 and suddenly we’re invisible. [...] What’s up with that?

We’ve been asking ourselves the same thing.

We also love that Pause doesn’t buy into the anti-aging movement, rather they focus on “well-aging” because beauty doesn’t vanish when you age, it evolves.

We couldn’t agree more!

Pause offers an awesome Hot Flash Cooling Mist that works to cool and calm the skin, reduce redness, and evaporate sweat — creating the sensation that your body’s surface temperature is actually lowering. This product is perfect for everyday defense against menopause hot flashes!

Chilled Lady

Chilled Lady is the definition of a small business — founded by a mother-daughter duo.

The company was born after Mom opened up about the troubles of her menopause experience.  She mentioned that although the physical symptoms were tough, one of the hardest parts of her experience was feeling so alone. She searched the internet and found comfort knowing that other women felt the same way... and also had some awesome menopause-related product ideas!

As a result, Chilled Lady was formed to spread the message about how even the simplest products (and a good support system) can greatly improve your menopause experience.

Give the gift of cool with their Chill Socks and Chill Pillows, designed to provide relief from menopause hot flashes and night sweats.

Menopause Relief Fashion and Jewelry

Hot Girls Pearls

Hot Girls Pearls’ motto is, “keep you cool while looking hot!” Their gel-infused patented pearls are designed to give you menopause hot flash relief… but in a fashionable way!

Check out their fun line of necklaces, bracelets, and gel-lined travel pouches. Simply pop them in the freezer and take them wherever you’re headed for cooling relief on-the-go.

Their patented pearl colors range from neutrals like ivory, sterling grey, champagne, and black to bright tones like turquoise, lavender, red, and blue. There’s even an option to mix colors and design your own necklace!

Holiday Guide 2020 Necklace

Holiday Guide 2020


Become is a female-powered startup company that creates clothes designed to reduce the impacts of menopause night sweats and hot flashes. They use a complex mix of yarns and Anti-Flush Technology™ to create clothing that’s comfortable, breathable, and cool to the touch.

Not only do their clothes work to absorb heat from hot flashes, but they’re also designed to release that heat back onto the body to soothe the chill that sometimes follows hot flashes.

They offer everyday essentials like briefs, shapewear, nightdresses, camisoles, t-shirts, leggings, and face masks. Their clothing makes a perfect gift for the hottest menopausal women.

Menopause Books

Menopause Books

Books are an awesome go-to gift for women going through their menopause journey. They allow women (plus, we have a good rec for husbands too!) to hear about other people’s experiences, understand they’re not alone, and enjoy a good laugh.

After all, laughter is the best medicine!

Check out these reading recs:

Don’t forget, you can support smaller bookstores (instead of Amazon) by picking a different option from the “Online Stores” dropdown in the above links.

Menopause Gag Gifts

Menopause Gag Gifts

Have you heard of the Seven Dwarfs of Menopause?

  • Itchy
  • Bitchy
  • Sweaty
  • Sleepy
  • Bloated
  • Forgetful
  • Psycho

Well, they make a hilarious gift. You can find t-shirts, hand towels, notebooks, bags, and more that feature these relatable Seven Dwarfs.

There are plenty of other hilarious t-shirts out there that feature menopause humor, with clever phrases like:

  • “Real women don’t have hot flashes, we have power surges.”
  • “I’m still hot! It just comes in flashes now.”
  • “Three Obstacles of a Married Man: PMS, Pregnancy, Menopause”

But whether you choose a funny or a practical gift for that menopausal woman in your life (maybe yourself?), it’ll definitely help her crack a smile!

At the end of the day, that’s the goal.


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