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How to Welcome Spring During Your “Second Spring”

How to Welcome Spring During Your “Second Spring”

In China, menopause is referred to as a “second spring,” which represents a time of new beginnings and a chance to show off your wisdom. In this culture, menopause is celebrated because it brings newfound confidence, creativity, and freedom.

I think we can all gain a little inspiration from this!

While menopause isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, it definitely does bring some positives. You don’t have to deal with your menstrual cycle anymore, you go through lessons that give you unmatched wisdom, and you get the chance to more-or-less “audit” your life.

Since we’ve already talked about the fact that seasons can affect your menopause experience, we’ll be talking about this “second spring” during the springtime! It’s arguably one of the “easier” menopause seasons — warmer weather, longer days, and fresh blooms.

Let’s dive into some tips for dealing with menopause during the spring, so you can make the most of it.

Dealing With Spring Allergies

Of course, one of the most beautiful seasons brings the worst allergies. But did you know that seasonal allergies (and other allergies) are closely linked with your hormones? Histamines are our body’s hormones that are triggered by allergens and often manifest in symptoms like itching and swelling. And, surprise! Their production is directly related to the amount of estrogen in your body.

During menopause, your body is experiencing drastic fluctuations in estrogen levels, your body can experience big spikes in histamine levels — making you more sensitive to allergies. This can even cause you to have allergic responses to things that never bothered you previously. It can give you worsened congestion/sneezing due to seasonal allergies and even cause allergic reactions (hives) when you eat foods that you used to regularly eat.

Yikes, as if hot flashes weren’t enough. Here are a few tips for dealing with new allergies:

  • Consult your doctor. They can help you identify allergy triggers and give you guidance on treatments.
  • Don’t hang your laundry to dry outside and change your clothes after spending a long time outdoors. This will help reduce exposure to allergens like pollen.
  • To prepare for spring allergies in the future, try consuming raw, local honey daily to build up your body’s response.
  • Eat a balanced, nutrient-dense diet to promote hormone balance.
  • Use mild, soothing soaps and moisturizers. You can find these in our MSM skincare line. Long time customers are amazed at how well our MSM products soothe their itchy, sensitive skin.

All of these tips are good practice for the rest of the year too!

Getting Your Spring Cleaning Done and Dusted

Spring cleaning has a whole new meaning during menopause. It’s amazing the effects that a clean, decluttered space can have on your stress levels, mental clarity, and overall mood — which we all know is especially important during menopause.

Just think about the feeling that your stuffed, chaotic closet gives you as you walk by. You might feel stressed about the fact that you still haven’t gotten around to it, guilty that you never wear half of the things in there, and overall distracted by the mess. It’s no wonder science has shown that decluttering can help you:

  • Improve your mental clarity + focus.
  • Increase your creativity.
  • Promote better sleep.
  • Boost your mood.
  • Let go of the past.
  • Clarify your goals moving forward.

When dealing with things like menopause mood swings, increased stress, and brain fog — these things can make a massive difference in your menopause experience. Going through your old things is a great way to practice mindfulness — to reevaluate how certain material things make you feel at this exact point in your life.

Plus, actually cleaning the surfaces in your home and ridding them of dirt + dust can help with those annoying allergies mentioned above!

Welcoming Warmer Weather

Finally, spring brings the warmer weather! We know during menopause, warm weather is one of those things you “can’t live with and can’t live without.” Compared to the dry, dark, and bleak days of winter, we’ll take it.

While we know that warm weather can bring on unwanted things like worsened hot flashes and anxiety about wearing less clothes, let’s focus on the good — more time outside and more opportunities to stay active. Our top tips for dealing with warmer weather are:

  • Turn off the TV and get moving. Gardening, hiking, and biking are all awesome, low-impact ways to stay active and help shed some of the menopause weight gain that may have happened during the cold months.
  • Look at it as an opportunity to get more sunlight and time with nature. This can also improve your mood, increase your mindfulness, promote your mental clarity, and combat brain fog.
  • Use our menopause relief products rich in wild yam and aloe to help balance your hormones, treat hot flashes, and instantly cool you off.
  • Stay hydrated! This works wonders for flushing toxins, promoting digestion, improving energy levels, and encouraging skin + overall health. It becomes increasingly important as warmer days approach.

Take advantage of this spring weather before summer brings the really hot days!

Spring Forward

As you’ve probably realized, your mindset plays a huge role in dealing with the challenges of menopause. Even just thinking of it as a “second spring” instead of a dreaded crisis can make all the difference.

Plus, it never hurts to have some awesome menopause relief + MSM skincare products in case you ever need a little emergency self-care.


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