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Reasons and Ways to Show Appreciation for Menopausal Mothers

Reasons and Ways to Show Appreciation for Menopausal Mothers

We hope you already know this, but Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so we wanted to go through some of the best ways to spoil your menopausal mom on this special day.

We know menopausal women are not easy to deal with, especially when they’re your mother. We recognize that hot flashes and mood swings (plus, a side of forgetfulness) are not only hard on the women who experience them — but they affect the lives of everyone around them. Maybe you’re wondering why your mom:

  • Is always sweating and ferociously fanning herself in public.
  • Laughs one minute and cries the next.
  • Keeps telling you the same story over and over.

We know it’s tempting to just rest on the fact that she’s crazy, but the answer it’s not all her fault. Menopause is a really tough phase, so give her some grace!

Actually, that’s exactly what we’re here to help with, so today we’re sharing specific reasons and ways to show your menopausal mothers some grace. While this article is aimed at the children of menopausal women — trust us, it can be eye opening for the spouses, siblings, and friends of menopausal women too.

If you’re a menopausal woman yourself, this article will definitely lift your spirits, inspire you to treat yourself, and give you a reading to share with your kids.

Mom knows best.

Of course, there are so many reasons moms deserve a day full of appreciation. They’re full time caregivers, they’re always puting others before themselves, they’re sources of unconditional love, and they have the strength to conquer monsters (just kidding... kinda) like menopause.

Plus, they do all of these things while teaching you, their child(ren), about navigating this crazy thing called life. They’re role models, advisors, and best friends. And as you probably already know, they’re always right.

In fact, not only are moms always right, their biology can actually reveal a lot of helpful information for you and your future. Daughters, did you know that you can learn a lot about your own biological clock through your mom’s experience?

Studies have shown that your mother’s menopause experience can help predict your own age at menopause onset and your fertility levels. Specifically:

  • A 2014 study revealed that physical activity, education, last pregnancy age, income, smoking habits, and mother’s age at menopause are all related to your own menopause onset.
  • A 2013 study found a strong link between a mother’s age at menopause and their daughter’s AMH levels (AMH is a fertility hormone that’s a proven indicator of the number of eggs left in your ovaries).
  • A 2004 study investigated 164 mother-daughter pairs and found that 44% of the daughters experienced menopause around the same age as their mothers.

Who knew that your mom’s menopause experience could give you so much insight into your future self? We hope that knowing these things can bring you even closer to your mom and give you a newfound sense of empathy and respect for her!

(Sons, spouses, siblings, and friends — for so many other reasons, the empathy + respect part can apply to you too!)

It’s time to put mom first.

With all that being said, it’s time to spoil mom. But what can you even do to celebrate the woman who has put you before her for the last couple of decades? The truth is, many menopausal women just want your understanding. A little bit of conscious effort to understand and empathize goes a long way. Plus, it’s free!

This candid confession of a menopausal mother proves that menopause is a turning point for many moms. It’s the time when their hormones are screaming at them to stop focusing on everyone else and start reclaiming time + care for themselves. As a child (or friend) of a menopausal woman, you can help with that through various methods of menopause support.

So, here are some simple, experience-driven gifts you can give to your menopausal mom this Mother’s Day (and beyond):

  • Take responsibilities off her plate, especially the ones that you might not (but should) already own such as scheduling doctors appointments, paying phone bills, etc.
  • Cook her a healthy meal, or buy her a meal subscription.
  • Enroll her in a virtual exercise class. You can do this one together! Just make sure it’s a class she’ll enjoy in the long run.
  • Plan a day-cation that includes activities like scenic hiking and a healthy meal.
  • Gift her a spa or massage day.
  • Sign her up for a virtual therapy session. May is also Mental Health Awareness month, and mental health is super important during menopause (more on that to come). It’s time to start thinking of mental health the same way we think about physical health!

On top of these gifted experiences, here are some other amazing, tangible gift to give your mom a little extra menopause support:

  • Soothing + cooling menopause relief products made with ingredients derived from nature, including wild yam extract, aloe vera, seaweed, and vitamin E
  • Gentle + clean MSM skincare products, fortified with sulfur, aloe vera, and vitamin E to moisturize, soothe, and fight the signs of aging. (You can probably tell by now that we love the benefits of vitamin E!)
  • Cooling, moisture-wicking sheets and pillowcases: Peach Skin Sheets are great for menopause, and they’re having a Mother’s Day sale! Healthy and fresh sleeping conditions are another great way to offer menopause relief.
  • Alcohol alternatives and coffee alternatives that are actually enjoyable but avoid menopausal discomfort

You can find even more gift ideas in our funny + practical menopause gift guide.

Menopause lasts far beyond Mother’s Day.

Menopausal moms have a lot on their plate. This phase in their life requires a lot of support, understanding, and love. Mother’s Day is an amazing opportunity to give them that, but it’s important to remember to be there for them throughout the entire process. Trust us, it’ll mean more to them than you can ever imagine.

We also know that Mother’s Day can be a very difficult time for many people. For women who are missing their own mothers to women who are struggling to conceive themselves — Mother’s Day can be tough in itself. So whether you’re a daughter, a menopausal mother, a pet mom, an aunt, a best friend, a spouse, a mother in law…

On behalf of everyone at At Last Naturals, we wish you a calm, relaxing Mother’s Day.

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