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There's a Reason These Ingredients Are Famous in the Menopause World

We understand that it can be overwhelming to read about different natural menopause relief products and their seemingly long lists of ingredients. We’re taking a dive into some of the natural ingredients in our products — so we can reduce that overwhelm and help you understand the important role that each of these ingredients plays. Get to know wild yam root extract, Aloe vera, Vitamin E, and seaweed!

Behind the Scenes Interview with At Last Naturals' President

October is World Menopause Month, and we’re celebrating by revamping At Last Naturals’ online journal. We truly believe that the first step to demystifying menopause — and feeling empowered by it — is... talking about it! Here’s a look into Stacey Last’s insights about menopause and her experience growing up alongside the brand and watching the industry for natural menopause relief grow.

Sulfur in Human Nutrition

Until recently, the vital element of Sulfur/Sulphur has been significantly neglected by most health gurus, researchers, and media publications.  Was this deliberate?

Sulfur/sulphur, is a nonmetallic, multivalent chemical element.  It’s atomic number is 16 and it is represented by the symbol S.  It is bright yellow in color.  On Earth, sulphur usually occurs as sulfide and sulfate minerals.